May. 11th, 2017

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Woke up this morning to find out that the idiots in New Orleans had removed the Jefferson Davis Monument overnight.

Well, I had been planning on taking a trip there within the next year, to visit the zoo, aquarium, French Quarter, the WW2 Museum, and the statues that they have/are taking down. But, if the bastards want to destroy history for the sake of not offending someone, they have offended me with their actions, and as such I will not be visiting there now. There is nothing there worth seeing or spending my money on in that city. I can visit zoos, aquariums and museums elsewhere, in cities that actually respect their heritages and histories.

For me, N.O. is now just another crime ridden, hypocritical, P.O.S. city, that should not promote itself as a historical place. Due to their attitude, they have proven that they do not care about or respect history. So, by their standards, there is nothing of historic importance there now. If it offends certain groups, it will no longer be considered important and it will be gone. It's sad, what has become of that once great city.

Also, Shreveport is being just as idiotic as N.O. now. They are considering removing a monument to the place where the Confederate Flag was last lowered there.

Louisiana, is fast becoming a place full of politically correct idiots, that are creating issues where there were none before. I never thought I'd say this, but I am really starting to become ashamed of and hate this state. I want to leave it and deny ever being here now more than ever.


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